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The ultimate Notion template for authors.

Are you an indie or trad author looking for a comprehensive and organized platform to manage your writing projects and track your sales?

With Author Business Hub, you streamline your writing process, keep track of your daily word count, and maintain detailed book and series bibles for your projects. With the built-in accounting spreadsheet, and ensure you have a clear view of your earnings and expenses.

Build a better business and buy back time for writing!

Author Business Hub

This purchase provides the Author Business Hub PDF Guide. It includes:

  • Template Download Instructions
  • A Quickstart Guide
  • A Beginners Guide
  • Curated Resources


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Featured dashboards

Writing Project Tracker

Daily Word Count Tracker

Book Bibles & Outlines

Income & Expense Tracker

Rights Management Tracker

Query Tracker

Amazon & Wide Sales Tracker

Monthly Ads Tracking

Merch & Direct Sales Tracker

and more!

Tired of hunting for countless spreadsheets, word documents, and browser links? With Author Business Hub, you keep your entire business in one convenient location.

Notion for Authors Dashboard - Keep Book Information in One Location


Notion relies heavily on databases. Think of these like spreadsheets with endless possibilities. Author Business Hub is designed for the casual or intermediate Notion user. It’s ready right out of the box or customizable for your business needs.

For those new to Notion, there may be a learning curve depending on your familiarity with databases/spreadsheets. For those starting, a Author Business Hub PDF Guide is included, making it quick and painless. Along with that, Notion has quick helpful videos to make you a Notion expert in no time.

Available on

  • PC & Mac
  • Chrome, Safari & Firefox
  • IOS & Android

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Is Author Business Hub its own software?

No. Author Business Hub uses Notion, a customizable project management platform. Notion itself is available either on the web or through its desktop app. While available in mobile, Author Business Hub is designed specifically for larger screens.

Is this a yearly subscription or a one-time payment?

Author Business Hub is a one-time payment. Notion itself has multiple tiers, both free and paid. Good news, this template is designed specifically for free users. There is no need for a monthly subscription with Notion to use its features.

Do I need to do math or complex equations?

Maybe. Author Business Hub is designed to require as little math as possible. It comes with calculations already in place. However, these may need modifications, such as tax or retirement deductions, to fit your business. These are easily customized.

Is there any upselling or additional products I'll need?

Nope! I don’t believe in selling a product that requires an expensive course to understand. The only promotions you’ll see is a single link to Cover Villain and temporary graphics you can replace at your leisure.

Will I be able to write in Notion?

Maybe. I have not included any dashboards for writing. While an author could use it as their writing software, this is designed specifically for an author’s back end. 

How much tech knowledge do I need to use Author Business Hub?

Some. There’s no easy answer. Author Business Hub is a complicated network of interlinked databases. If that phrase scares you, don’t worry. As long as you understand the basics of a spreadsheet, you’ll be okay. The guide helps you navigate this. But for features you want specifically customized for your business, it may require watching a video tutorial or two. Thankfully Notion has an excellent collection of quick, educational videos.

How much time will Author Business Hub take?

Depends. For an author starting out, this could be a relatively quick process. For authors with larger back catalogues, it may take time inputting all your information. Not all databases need to be filled in to start benefitting from Author Business Hub organizational abilities. Thanks to Notion’s collaboration abilities, this could be a task given to a virtual assistant. Once set up, it’s fairly quick to add new content.

Can my virtual assistant use Author Business Hub?

Yes! Even with the free plan, you can invite up to 10 collaborators. Directions have been included in the manual on how to invite them. Any updates between collaborators happen in real-time.

What happens if I break my template?

There are tools for this! Notion has history tools that allow a user to undo so many steps and retrieve deleted files. If absolute worst comes to worst and a database can’t be repaired, it can be downloaded again from the original template. 

Will Cover Villain provide technical support?

Short answer, no. Because of the customizable nature of Notion, the moment alterations are made, it can be a nightmare to trouble shoot. For individual authors, it is impossible considering the endless variables. But if there is a problem with the initial Author Business Hub template, those will be corrected.

Can you include a specific feature for me?

Maybe. There is a possibility of updating the Author Business Hub template in the future and include additional tools. However, once an author starts using Notion, it can be tricky to integrate new databases. This will most likely not happen at the earliest until the end of the year.

What is the refund policy?

Once an order is complete there are no refunds for Author Business Hub. This is because once a customer has access to the manual, they have access to the template.

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