What genres does Cover Villain design for?

I love designing for Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and Dystopian. I’m a villain by nature, so if it’s dark and sensual, I get excited. However, if an author thinks my style would complement their genre, I’ll gladly tackle other genres.

Can you match the style of previous books in my series?

Maybe. Not every designer is as sinister as the Cover Villain. Every designer has a distinct style and approach to their work. Some work can be mimicked, and others are “trademark” styles that are harder to replicate. Contact Cover Villain to discuss available options.

Can you match a scene or character in my books?

Yes. But authors need to remember that a cover is a marketing tool and should convey specific elements related to the genre and tone. While I want my authors to squeal with joy over their covers, I design for world domination. While I can do this using scenes or characters from the book, they may not be identical matches. 

Do I need to add Cover Villain to the copyright page?

Yes. My contract requires authors to include Cover Villain on the copyright page. After all, villainy is a collaboration.

Does Cover Villain also do social media graphics?

Maybe. If an author has booked a cover with me, I can do additional social media posts as necessary. Cover Villain does not create social media content for authors who have not purchased a cover from me directly.

Does Cover Villain do illustrated covers?

Probably not. While I have experience with illustration, it’s not my particular brand of evil. To get a feel for the style of cover we create, authors can check our portfolio. If there’s a particular style an author is looking for, please contact Cover Villain to discuss.

Do I need to fill out the design brief before Cover Villain can get started?

Yes. World domination requires a solid plan. I will not begin work on a project without a completed Design Brief. This document gives me concrete examples of genre, characters, and tone. It serves as the foundation for all my visuals. Be thorough, and if any section becomes problematic, contact me and I’ll gladly assist.

Can I supply my own images for a cover design?

Maybe. This becomes complicated as I need to ensure all images used in the design are used within the restrictions of the original content creator. I never want our authors to commit copyright infringement. It’s best to talk to me about this beforehand to make sure everybody is protected.

Are there any licensing limitations with covers from Cover Villain?

Maybe. Because I use stock images to create my designs, the limitations of my stock photo supplier pertain to all client work. This is means unlimited digital products (eBooks & Audiobooks) but comes with a 500,000 print limitation (books, postcards, posters, etc.) However, if an author believes they will require more, extended licensing options are available and can be acquired when it becomes necessary. Ultimately, I want our authors to be conquer the world and remain protected. If authors have questions, contact Cover Villain.

Can I buy the editable files from Cover Villain?

Yes. For most authors, this is cost prohibitive. The general rule of thumb with an “All Rights” purchase is 3x the original cost + materials. This allows me to ensure correct licenses for fonts and images are secured. To discuss this option, please contact Cover Villain.

Will Cover Villain supply designs without the typography?

No. The only option to receive artwork without type is with an “All Rights” purchase. This protects Cover Villain from potential alterations that might not meet my quality guidelines.

What payment system does Cover Villain use?

Square Space. This allows me to accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately, I do not accept PayPal.

Premades Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request modifications to a premade cover?

Maybe. My premades are sold “as is” but I allow for simple changes. This includes font choices, type placement and coloring. If the requests require substantial alterations, I will inform the author and quote an additional fee. Depending on the request, I may advise against it for the sake of quality assurance. My goal is to provide the best possible covers.  

How much is due at the time of purchase?

100% of purchase price.

Can I modify the design once I receive the final images?

No. My contracts allows for resizing and placement in promotional graphics. However, any alterations to the work beyond this violates my contract. To make additional alterations, the author must contact Cover Villain and may require an additional fee.

Can I get a paperback made after I purchase a premade from Cover Villain?

Yes. While not a service we typically offer, I’m flexible to the needs of my authors. If a premade purchase needs to be turned into a paperback, let me know and we can discuss options. Depending on the cover, I may quote the author an additional fee.

Can I take my premade and turn it into a paperback myself?

No. Cover Villain allows for resizing and placement in promotional graphics. However, any alterations to the work beyond this violates my contract. To make additional alterations, the author must contact Cover Villain and may require an additional fee.

What files are completed when the project is completed?

For files outside the ones listed below, please contact Cover Villain.

  • Hi-res Cover File(s) – PDF & JPG

Commissions Frequently Asked Questions

How many round of revision do I get?

Two. This is to protect me from indecisive authors requesting endless rounds of alterations. In my years of experience, I have found that with clear communication, two rounds are enough. However, I want our clients to laugh maniacally when they see their designs, so there is wiggle room.

Does Cover Villain read the book before making a book cover?

No. Unfortunately, being evil keeps me busy, so I don’t have the time to read a client’s manuscript. This means the Design Brief is important and needs to be filled out before I begin work. If I feel we don’t have enough information to create a diabolical design, I’ll reach out for more details until I have a clear picture.

Does the cover have to feature a scene from my novel?

No. Rarely does a cover have an actual scene from the book. While it might have important elements such as a sword or particular coffee shop, my job is to ensure it meets reader expectations. This is where the complex dance begins, as I translate the contents of an author’s book into a marketable visual.

Can I add a hardcover edition into the mix?

Yes. The author will need to supply the template from Ingram or Amazon (I strongly suggest Ingram over Amazon for hardcovers.) Depending on the alterations necessary, Cover Villain may quote an additional fee.

How much is due for the deposit on custom covers?

50%. This will reserve a slot in my schedule between attempts at ruling the Earth. The final 50% is due before receipt of the completed files. 

I have a great idea, can I hire Cover Villain to make it into a cover?

Yes. I love collaborating with authors. An author can supply the idea, and I’ll help shape it into a marketable cover. I ask that authors have flexibility with this process as not all ideas are suitable for book covers. I’ll bring my 20+ years of experience to the table and help guide authors through this process.

Can I get a cover made if I don't know how many pages it will be?

Yes. I create the ebook edition and hold the print edition until the author supplies the page count. In the meantime, if an author needs a “dummy” print edition for promotional material, I create a standard spine of 1″ on all my designs until I receive the page count.

What files are included when the project is completed?

For files outside the ones listed below, please contact Cover Villain.

  • Final Cover Design – eBook Format – PDF & JPG
  • Final Cover Design – Print Format – PDF & JPG
  • Final Cover Design – Audiobook Format – PDF & JPG

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